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Random Thoughts | Zumba more than a workout for devotee by Charlie Boss
Fitness friends form bonds that extend beyond the gym by Jeannie Nuss



A few comments from our last customer survey:

“I love love love Zumba and especially our leaders!! I continue to come back because you update routines and it’s never boring. Always a good workout and positive atmosphere!! Love Jen R, Jen G and newbie Bill. You are all Great!! Thanks, Chris Davis”

“I love the flexibility of the drop in. I have come to almost every night depending on my schedule. LOve the classes as they are as they fit my needs, Hope the whole schedule doesn’t move to 7:30 love being home by 7.”

“I think you guys are doing a great Job!! I love going to Zumba, it makes my week much better.”

“Zumba is fabulous! I love it so much! It has been the only thing that could get me moving and keep me moving! I would go every day if I had the time and didn’t have to go to UA to get my fix!”

“I wish I could attend more, but I soooooooo enjoy each and every time I do get there!!!”

“Love Jen!”

“I really enjoyed tues class and look forward to zumba the many different times and nights make it easy to go as often as possible”

“Love it!”

“You guys are amazing! I love zumba and all of the instructors!”

“I appreciate being able to be up front even though I’m not good. It’s quieter there. (Recently someone was there, but when she saw me she said–you always like this spot. Would you like it now? I can move.”” And I gladly accepted her offer. Now that’s really NICE of her! Wish I could remember her name now. I knew it that day.) Anyhow, thanks!!”

“Thanks for exploring a means to fit everyone in!”

“Nothing. I’m thrilled with Zumba!”

“Have only attended 2 classes however, purchased 20 classes so plan to attend regularily – enjoyed the music in the Sat am class more so than Tues night.”

“I love it….”

“I like Jennifer’s class with energy and she cheers students very well.”

“More room for your awesome classes… Sounds like you’re working on that though. Thanks for making me sweat!